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About us

Wujiang Lanlin Air Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou Fenhu High-tech Development Zone, with Shanghai in the east, Suzhou in the north, and Hangzhou in the south, with a superior geographical environment. The company's core technical team is composed of industry veterans. Combined with the experience of excellent foreign brands in the industry, it has introduced advanced production lines and finished product testing lines, sheet metal production lines, and shearing, folding and punching integrated forming machines. It is a professional company specializing in independent research and development, professional production and sales of various types of air purification equipment and purification doors and windows. The main products are: primary, middle and high efficiency filters, clean workbenches, self-purification transfer windows, negative pressure weighing rooms, exhaust air Deal with a series of air purification equipment such as filter boxes and clean doors and windows,

High-quality raw materials, advanced production lines and testing lines ensure excellent product quality.

We hope to provide you with a high-quality, energy-saving, low-carbon, high-quality clean environment with professional services, excellent products, and an efficient team.